A long-lasting facial moisturiser that really holds water. Moisturising is essential for every skin care regime.

Facial moisturisers are an important part of a daily skin care regime. Depending on the formulation, moisturisers may help :

 Prevent and sooth dry skin
 Protect sensitive skin
 Improve the appearance of skin tone and texture

Moisturisers work by trapping the water in the top layer of skin and forming a temporary barrier to help prevent moisture from escaping through the skin surface

For best results, they should be used daily, immediately after cleansing the skin. Because everyone’s skin is unique, be sure to ask your physician about the best moisturiser suited for your skin type and condition

Obagi Hydrate™ provides instant and long-lasting moisturisation
 Starts working quickly - 92% improvement in moisture content of the skin within 2 hours
 Continued action throughout the day - 51% decrease in water loss after 8 hours

Obagi Hydrate with 2 in 1 moisturisting action
 Reduces water loss at the skin surface
 Continuously releases moisturising ingredients

Dermoatologist tested, safe and gentle
 Non sensitising
 Allergy tested

Obagi Hydrate – all day moisture protection for every skin type
 2 in 1 moisturising action helps prevent water loss
 Safe and gentle
 Helps enhance overall skin smoothness