Corona Virus Alert

Important Coronavirus Update for Bluebell Dental Practice Patients 27th March 2020

Please let us assure you that our commitment and responsibility towards your well-being and dental care has never been stronger as we face the COVID–19 pandemic.

Rest-assured that we are continuously monitoring the ever-changing guidelines and circumstances surrounding the coronavirus; and we are going above and beyond to keep you and our team SAFE and HEALTHY.

In order to protect our patients and our dental team, we have made the difficult decision to slim down our service for a short period to see emergencies only.


        • Bluebell is no longer seeing non-emergency patients, however you can contact us on 020 8500 6789 for any emergencies.  If you are under current treatment, please see additional guidance below.  If you need to talk to us we will endeavor to chat to you during working hours or you can leave a message or email us
        • We are hoping to keep our reception open between 9am-5.00pm to receive phone calls and emergency advice.  DO NOT visit the practice unless you have been asked to.
        • We have made Skype and WhatsApp (07498 550 884) accessible for emergency use, under the name of ‘Bluebell Dental’
        • We will be doing phone and Skype consultations
        • If you are showing symptoms of a cough and/or fever it is important that you follow the recent guidelines on self-isolation as indicated here
        • The guidelines on social distancing must be considered if attending an appointment
        • Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.  You do not need to contact 111 to tell them you’re staying at home.  Testing for Coronavirus is not needed if you are staying at home.

Instructions for patients visiting the practice:

        • DO NOT attempt to make an emergency appointment if you have any COVID-19 symptoms such as a high temperature (you feel hot to touch on your chest and back) or a new continuous cough.
        • No patients will be permitted to congregate in the waiting room, you may have to wait in your cars or outside and maintain a 2 metre distance between each other until you are called
        • No routine examination will be provided.
        • No hygienist service will be provided.
        • We are keeping the number of staff on duty to a minimum (one nurse/one receptionist, one dentist).
        • Only patients with urgent cases will be booked after being triaged over the phone
        • All treatments that are not regarded as urgent will be cancelled and postponed until further notice
        • Our strict hygiene and cleaning protocols are reinforced on a daily basis to keep our practice SAFE and CLEAN; but this is nothing new for us and we adhere to the best practice guidelines at all times
        • We are requesting all patients who attend the practice use a handwash/disinfecting gel on immediate entry into the practice.
        • All our team members are trained in correct hand-washing techniques and undertake this as routine. We pride ourselves on the extremely high standards of our cleanliness and keeping our patients safe.

Bluebell Patients Additional Guidance


        • Prolonged bleeding that does not stop after 20 minutes (apply solid pressure with guaze/clean hankie
        • Broken tooth causing pain
        • Dental Pain – if it is an unbearable pain that is disturbing your sleep or if you have any facial swelling, please contact us so that a dentist can discuss what can be done


          • Crowns & Bridges – Please see advice section
          • Invisalign Patients – Those who are just collecting, we may be able to see you just to collect your aligners, otherwise please leave your latest aligner in for longer until you are able to come to the practice
          • Implant Patients – If you are having any issues with your implants, our dentists can speak to you to give you advice
          • Lost filling – Please see advice section
          • Sensitive teeth/toothache – Please see advice section
          • All other queries – Our Reception and Management team will be available via phone or email.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

        • Ensure excellent cleaning of the area even if it is painful
        • Corsodyll mouthwash – gargle and rinse for 30seconds to 1 minute
        • Warm saltwater mouth rinse – repeatedly throughout the day and hold in the area for 1 minute
        • If you have any difficulty swallowing, swelling in your face or cheek, or difficulty opening your mouth then contact us to assess the possible need for antibiotics

Fractured Tooth – Sharp Edge

        • If there is a sharp edge that is causing a lot of irritation to the tongue or cheek, then try and use something like a small nail file to very carefully try and file the edge down until it feels a bit more comfortable. Then use a warm salt water rinse to help with the ulcerated area caused by the sharp edges if necessary
        • See below for managing any sensitivity you may notice

Lost Filling – Food Trapped

        • If there is a hole or cavity that is causing food to get trapped, but no sensitivity, then you can try and pack this with a temporary filling material available from a pharmacy. Clean the tooth out as much as possible with a small brush and floss and then pack with the temporary filling material as instructed on the packet.
        • Avoid or limit chewing on the side of this tooth so as to limit the temporary filling from deteriorating, but this can be refilled if necessary.
        • Ensure to keep the area clean with good brushing and use of fluoride toothpaste. Also limit any sugary foods or acidic drinks to stop any decay from getting worse
        • If you are unable to pack the area then ensure good cleaning as described

Sensitive Teeth/Toothache

For up to date information on the Coronovirus, please visit,

“Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in Bluebell Dentistry”