What is the difference between traditional braces and six month smiles?

Six month smiles is cosmetically focused to align your teeth which are visible when you smile. This gives us the opportunity for much quicker treatment times at a cheaper cost in a way that avoid metal braces.

Does it hurt?

In our experience vast majority of patients exhibit little or no discomfort

What do braces look like?

They are clear brackets with a tooth coloured wire and patients say at a social distance not noticeable

Will I really finish in 6 months?

Our treatment times are from 4-9 months and on average 6 months. But we will complete treatment when both of us are happy.

What are the retainers like?

They are discreet and comfortable. We encourage patients to opt for both fixed and removable retainers to ensure your new smile lasts.

How much does it cost?

We have three options:
  • 1. Full payment from outset with 5% discount
  • 2. Our 0% finance scheme using which you can pay as little as £42/month
  • 3. £500 at the outset with subsequent payments each month for up to 6 months