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Patient Survey

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Your experience with our Dentist (Step 1 of 3)

1.Do you feel that the dentist listened well to your particular requirements and/or concerns?

2. Were you given adequate time to consider your treatment?

3. Were your options communicated well to you by your dentist?

4.Were you requested to sign a treatment plan, which clearly outlined details of your proposed treatment and any costs involved?

5. Would you recommend your dentist to your friends and family?

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Your experience with our Receptionist (Step 1 of 3)

6. How easy was it to obtain an appointment?

7. Did you find the premises and facilities to your needs?
8.Was your patient confidentiality respected?

9. Are you satisfied with the way in which you have been treated, either face to face or over the phone?

10. We would like you to think about your recent experiences of our service. How likely are you to recommend our dental practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?

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