What does Specialist Dentistry Involve?

One of the most frequently asked questions at Bluebell Dentistry & Aesthetics is what distinguishes our cosmetic treatments from the foundational, structural, and orthodontic services we provide to patients of all ages. In this blog, we are taking you through the basics of specialist dentistry – looking beyond the appearance and colour of your teeth and focussing on the very structure of the smile that makes you, you.

What is specialist dentistry?

Specialist dentistry refers to any treatment or services that focuses on the structure of your smile – namely the layout of your teeth and the way your teeth fit into your jawline, as well as the integrity and stability of each individual tooth. Specifically, you will find that most dental practices have experts in different areas of specialist dentistry – with all our practitioners boasting additional skills and areas of interest which allow us to offer a broad range of services to our patients. These experts go beyond basic dentistry and cover individual areas of focus – be it orthodontics, periodontics, and more.

Therefore, whether you’ve lost a tooth via poor oral hygiene or an accident, or are experiencing debilitating dental pain and discomfort, specialist dental practitioners seek to isolate the problem and determine what is causing it, before discussing your ideal resolution and the aesthetic results that you would like to achieve via treatment.

Our specialist dental services

Our team are well versed in combining functional solutions with the aesthetic results that patients are so often looking for – helping all our patients walk away with a million dollar smile (without the million dollar price tag).

Specialist dentistry is a form of service which unites problem solving with aesthetic detailing, with all our Dentists bringing different requirements to the table. This makes every case and every treatment plan unique, which is why we always provide tailored pricing according to your selected treatment, rather than promoting packages.

Some of the core services that specialist dentistry covers include oral surgery, periodontics, and implantology – all of which deal different a different area of oral science and serve to plug the gaps in your smile once and for all.

Do I need specialist dental support?

When it comes to our work with patients, we often find that it’s not until the initial consultation that patients really communicate what it is they are hoping to achieve. With so many branches of dental support now available, finding the right path can be difficult – which is why our team offer end-to-end support as well as comprehensive after-care and long term advice when you need it.

Best of all, we will never recommend or charge you for dental work that you don’t need – always working to keep your treatment package as affordable as possible. Why? Because we believe that everyone deserves to show off their perfect smile.

For more information on specialist dentistry with Bluebell Dentistry & Aesthetics, reach out to our team directly or visit our website for more information.