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A Perfect Smile

From simple tooth whitening to a complete set of veneers, every set of teeth is different and every one of our clients requires a different form of dental support in perfecting their smile.

As experts in cosmetic dentistry across Essex, we specialise in the kinds of treatments which not only conceal the signs of ageing teeth and tooth problems but identify and fix the root of the problem – so that your teeth last longer and your smile remains as bright as possible.

Widely misinterpreted as simply the addition of false teeth and veneers, cosmetic dentistry in fact refers to anything which deals with the appearance and aesthetics of your teeth and your overall oral health and hygiene – with all our dental experts able to perform crowns and bridges as well as full veneers, whitening treatments, composite fillings and dentures. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what condition your teeth are in when you arrive – we will always send you home with a million-dollar smile (but with a much lower price tag!).

At Bluebell Dentistry & Aesthetics every treatment starts with a full consultation, where we will discuss with you the various options available and your desired effect. We will then go through the price points for our different cosmetic dentist services in Essex – delivering cost effective and high value solutions in a selection of packages tailored to your individual needs. You will also receive guidance on how to care for your teeth and maintain your smile on a long-term basis.

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