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Not everyone is suitable for tooth whitening, so it is important to discuss things with your dentist before going ahead. The procedure should definitely only be carried out by a professional such as a dentist.

How does teeth whitening work?

The dentist will take a scan of your teeth to make your trays. Once this has been made, you will be provided with an “home kit” to use to whiten your teeth. It’s important to note that you should only use a kit supplied by a dentist – even though there are some kits available online and at supermarkets. These do not always use the same quality bleaching agent as supplied by your dentist and may produce an undesirable result.

Once your teeth have been whitened professionally, they rarely go back to their original colour, although any stains subsequently picked up can easily be removed using our ProSmile system.

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Every procedure was carefully explained to me. A few weeks later I now have white teeth again, fillings completed, and my dental phobia has gone. Thank you, Bluebell Practice.

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The final stage of my process is teeth whitening which is also included within my package. Please be sure to check out their Instagram page for regular updates and i’d 100% recommend them if your still unsure.

Rebekah Loftman / Google

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