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A gap in your smile can have a huge impact on your ability to eat and talk, as well as on your confidence and desire to smile. Whether it’s a single tooth or a set of teeth which you want to conceal, dentures have long been a recommended treatment option for those who want a whole new smile to show off – with dentures generally fitting over any existing teeth or your gumline to restore that pearly white shine.

But while dentures remain popular with clients and patients of all ages, they are not without their sticking points and downsides – one of the most frequently aired being the removable design which means they can sometimes feel or come loose in your mouth.

Which is where denture stabilisation comes in. Our denture stabilisation Essex treatment combines the traditional denture structure with the underlying benefits of dental implants – creating a longer lasting solution which is more secure and, to be completely honest, much less annoying.

How does denture stabilisation treatment work?

The premise of denture stabilisation is simple – and it can be achieved using your existing set of dentures. In short, your dental practitioner will carry out the first step of treatment, where they will insert at least two fixtures in your jaw, which overtime will fuse and provide an attachment for your denture to grip onto. This ultimately will allow for a much more stable denture that will move a lot less.

Your row of dentures can then be secured and fixed to these implants, holding the set of teeth in place and ensuring that you can do everything you would with a natural set of teeth, without worrying about your dentures coming free.

The benefits of this treatment are wide-ranging and include comfort as well as aesthetic benefits – preventing and minimising irritation as a result of the dentures moving about your mouth, while also ensuring your smile is fixed in place come rain or shine.

So, how do you know if you need denture stabilisation support?

The signs that I need denture stabilisation treatment

If you are currently living with dentures, then you could well be a good candidate for our stabilising dentures in Essex.

Some of the most commonly reported problems associated with dentures include irritating movement, a lack of ability to each chewy, crunchy, or very tough foods, and of course a lack of certainty when opening your mouth for a wide, happy smile. Those with dentures also report wear and irritation on the gumline as a result of the fitting moving around and rubbing.

Stabilisation offers a solution to make your new teeth more permanent – allowing you to eat what you want, follow a regular routine when it comes to oral hygiene, and communicate and smile as you used to with a full set of natural teeth.

To find out more about this treatment and to discover if you could be a good candidate for denture stabilisation, get in touch with the Bluebell Dentistry & Aesthetics team today.

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