Emergency Dentist Essex

Emergency Dentist Essex

Here at Bluebell Dentistry & Aesthetics, our emergency team are on hand to provide the care, pain relief, and treatment that you need to resolve your dental emergency.

Emergency dentistry when you need it the most

Our team understand that when you have a dental emergency, you can’t wait for an appointment to become available. Whether you’re in pain, suffering from a broken tooth, or find yourself unable to eat properly, getting a fast and effective solution is the most important thing we can give you. That’s why our emergency dental services are available for all our patients to access within 48 hours, to minimise long term discomfort, and to ensure that urgent conditions do not develop into something more serious.

Some of the core emergency dental services we offer and ailments we treat include:

  • Wisdom tooth pain / removal
  • Broken tooth or a lost filling
  • Toothache
  • Sore or bleeding gums
  • Swelling or an abscess

Booking an emergency appointment

Emergency appointments are available to book, so please get in touch with the friendly team on 020 8500 6789 to book in.

With experience in dealing with pain, debilitating symptoms and side effects, and a variety of both common and more complex ailments, our team can efficiently and effectively provide you with the pain relief and dental support you need. From there, we can book you in for a treatment plan or follow-up appointment to discuss further treatment.

What to expect from an emergency dental appointment

When dental emergencies strike, knowing what to do is key. Our appointments are managed on a first come first served basis, so getting in touch as early as possible is the best way to secure an appointment within 48 hours.

The pricing structure of our emergency dental services in Essex is as follows:

  • Emergency Adult Private £55 (20mins)
  • Emergency Child Private £35 (15mins)
  • Emergency NHS Adult £23.80 (15mins)
  • Emergency NHS Child free (15mins)

These prices include a small X-RAY (if needed). You will be charged the full amount of any required treatment or medication in addition to the above appointment fees.