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Losing a tooth can impact everything from the way you eat and talk to the confidence of your smile – but these changes don’t have to last forever. Single tooth dental implants are considered one of the most effective solutions to a missing tooth, which not only bridge the gap in your smile but present an authentic look that mimics your natural teeth.

Functioning just like a normal tooth, a single dental implant is fixed atop a screw which is set into the jawbone, making it long lasting and effective solution to a missing tooth. Keep reading to find out how the process works and whether you could be eligible for implant treatment at our clinic in Essex.

How does a single dental implant work?

It doesn’t matter how you lost your tooth, whether in an accident or following scheduled tooth removal – the results are always the same and can have a transformational impact on the look and brightness of your smile.

A dental implant is a long-term solution which sees a fixture embedded in the jawline underneath the gum and then left to heal for up to two months. Once recovered, it is this fixture onto which the dental implant is fixed in place. From then on, your implant looks and feels just like a regular tooth – requiring the same high level of cleaning and oral hygiene, to ensure that they last.

Eligibility and what you need to know about dental implants

Not every patient is eligible or suitable for dental implants, as there are certain requirements to ensure that the treatment is a success. Patients who undergo this treatment need to have healthy gums and plenty of jawbones to fix and hold the fixture in place. They also need to have a good oral hygiene routine and visit the dentist regularly to ensure the longevity of their implant.

This is because, for the most part, once a dental implant has been fixed in place it can stay there for upwards of ten years. Other benefits of a dental implant include stability, restoration in the strength of your teeth and jawline, and of course, the natural aesthetic which makes a dental implant one of the most popular solutions for missing teeth.

For those who are not eligible for a single dental implant, one of the best alternative solutions is a dental bridge which joins an artificial tooth to the neighbouring tooth to hold it in place. For those unable to access or afford a dental implant, dental bridges are worth exploring with the support of your dentist or a dental consultant.

What next?

If you’re missing a tooth and would like to discuss a dental implant with one of our dental consultants or specialists, you can reach us online or over the phone.

You will first be invited to a consultation to discuss your specific needs and your ideal results, where expectations are laid out and managed. We can then discuss progressing your treatment if you decide to go ahead and we grant your case eligible for a dental implant.

Patients are advised to bear in mind the treatment time. Dental implants are not an overnight fix, with the fixture requiring up to two months of recovery time before the implant can be fitted.

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A fantastic dental practice! Receptionist is very friendly and just an implant fitted by Alister and couldn’t be more pleased. Made me feel very relaxed and so pleased with the results.

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I needed an implant and a crown which were done by Dr Alistair who was also really great and I cannon thank him enough for his work. I have now decided to trust Bluebell with my teeth bonding.

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