Nose Reshaping Essex


“My nose” is one of the most common answers from women who are asked which part of their body they dislike the most. But whether it’s the shape, size, or structure of the nose, surgery can often seem like a daunting and overwhelming process (not to mention the expense). Until now.  

Here at Bluebell Dentistry & Aesthetics, we believe that your dream reflection shouldn’t cost the world, and that nose reshaping treatment doesn’t have to mean painful surgery. 

That’s why we are proud to introduce our non-surgical nose reshaping treatment to Essex. 

What does the full process involve?

Prior to scheduling the procedure you will be invited to a consultation with one of our aesthetic practitioners, who will work with you to determine the problem points and map out your ideal results. We encourage you to bring images and photos of your ideal nose shape with you to this stage, so that we can build a thorough understanding of the changes you would like to make. 

During the procedure a topical anaesthetic will be applied to the nasal surface – creating a very effective numbing of the treatment area. The dermal filler, which is also mixed with local anaesthetic, is then injected onto precise areas of the nose as determined by you and your practitioner prior to the procedure. The process is painless and lasts around ten minutes. 

After the procedure there may be a slight redness or swelling, which will ease within a few days, the majority of patients resume a normal life more or less straight away. 

What are the benefits of our nose reshaping treatment?

This non-surgical procedure can reshape the nasal bridge, smooth out imperfections, even out sunken and elevated surfaces, and even raise the tip of your nose.  

In comparison to traditional nose reshaping surgery, this non-surgical alternative is virtually painless and takes very little time to perform – despite delivering amazing results which can be seen almost immediately. Typically, results last up to 18 months, although this can vary from person to person. 

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss any issues you may have, and to advise you on the best treatment. During this consultation we will fully explain the procedure and invite you to raise any questions or concerns.