Patient Stories

Rimy Thandi

I started Invisalign because I had a gap between my two front teeth. As I spend a lot of time in front of the camera I was becoming more conscious so decided to go ahead with treatment. It’s only been six weeks so I haven’t seen a difference yet but I am excited to see the end results. The aligners themselves are unnoticeable to everyone I meet which is great. They took a few weeks to get used to but now I am quite comfortable with them and am able to speak clearly with them in.

Alisha Joseph

I was lucky enough to win my Invisalign treatment in a recent competition run by Bluebell to mark their 10th anniversary.I have always been very self-conscious about my teeth, as they are uneven and the front two cross over – and big metal braces in my late 20’s are not something that appeal to me!
Even early into my treatment, I noticed a big difference. My two front teeth are already no longer crossed over – and are almost completely straightened out! I honestly cannot believe how quickly this change has happened – and I LOVE it! I’m smiling more already

Amber Zakrzewski- Miss Essex 2012

Invisalign ticked all the boxes for me. Even halfway through the treatment, I felt so much better about my teeth and smile – which was perfect timing as I was entering Miss Essex 2012. I wore the aligners throughout the competition and my speech was never affected even when I spoke on stage. I went on to win the competition, going on to the Miss England 2012 final. Overall my Invisalign was well worth the cost, the time and even the slight discomfort when putting in new aligners. The treatment has fitted into my lifestyle perfectly.

Mrs.L P

For a long time I had considered getting braces fitted to fix my crooked teeth but I couldn’t bring myself to have metal braces as they look so awful, particularly as I am in my twenties. The lower set of teeth was very crooked and I was particularly wary of how they looked in photos.

Miss M P

I was always self conscious of my smile and my teeth. Being a very smiley person and it being such a big feature of my face I have wanted for a long time to get my teeth straightened. As an adult I really wasn’t keen on getting the “railway track” braces fitted.

Miss S N

I´ve always loved smiling, however started to develop an overbite in my teen years, which meant that my upper teeth would stick out. Although I was never really teased about it at school, I was always really self-conscious about my teeth, and as would sometimes try not to smile as a result.

Miss K S

“Cheer up luv” jokes the photographer at my brother´s wedding. How I wish I could laugh and joke with all the other bridesmaids but I’m so conscious of my wonky teeth that I keep my mouth firmly shut and try to adopt a sultry look.

Mrs.B N

I just have had my attachments removed this morning and I haven’t stop smiling since! I look in the mirror and still can’t believe it is MY smile.

Alison – Patient

As a busy working mum, with a hectic social life, I had ‘tolerated’ my imperfect teeth for many years, mainly due to the fact that at my age I was not prepared to have metal braces, and I was not really aware of the option for invisible braces.