What is Teeth in a Day?

Losing a tooth is never an easy challenge to navigate, regardless of how or why the tooth or teeth were lost. Many patients find that not only do missing teeth impact everyday habits like eating, drinking, and talking, but the challenge can also have a debilitating effect on their self-confidence and desire to smile.

Which is where teeth in a day implants in Essex come from. Framed by a desire to deliver effective solutions to patients, the teeth in a day service combines long-term options with efficiency – sending patients home from surgery with the smile that they are so desperate to showcase.

Let’s take a closer look at the service and what it involves.

How can dentists replace teeth in a single day?

Dental implants are considered one of the most popular and effective treatments for missing teeth, embedding a fixture into the jawbone and then fixing a long-term replacement tooth to the fixture. The idea behind this treatment is that the tooth (or teeth) blend into the surrounding teeth perfectly and provide the patient with full and regular use of a full set of teeth again.

But dental implants are not a quick fix, with the implanted fixture taking upwards of four months to heal fully before the replacement tooth can be fit securely into place.

And so, we turn to the teeth in a day treatment. This treatment option is based on a standard dental implant procedure but with one difference – once the fixture has been fitted, a temporary bridge is fitted directly onto the implant to present that full aesthetic while the patient waits for the implant to heal. Once the healing and recovery time has passed, the permanent tooth or teeth can then be fixed in place.

How safe is the teeth in a day treatment?

When you opt for a teeth in a day treatment, you benefit from the long lasting and durable nature of a dental implant solution, but with a quick fix thrown in for the immediate aftermath of the surgery. By concealing the fixture under a temporary bridge, not only do you get to go home with the smile you’re desperately seeking, but you can also start to get used to living with a full set of teeth again – practising good dental hygiene and brushing techniques.

For those who have lost multiple teeth and are seeking a multi-tooth replacement option, teeth in a day also combine the installation of implants so that a single implant can cover between four and six replacement teeth is required – as opposed to requiring one implant per tooth. This also streamlines the process and makes recovery both quicker and more comfortable.

Is teeth in a day a good treatment for me?

If you’re missing a tooth or teeth and would like to discuss the benefits of this treatment, reach out to your local dentist – who will be able to manage your expectations and discuss the end-to-end process with you, in terms of recovery, pricing, longevity of results, and more.


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