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It is believed that around 7 million women in the UK suffer from some form of incontinence, citing the condition as embarrassing and debilitating in terms of navigating and living a normal everyday life. Despite this, the many and varying causes of incontinence make it difficult to treat and manage – until now.

EMSELLA treatment is a relatively new concept which uses a sophisticated device to send electromagnetic waves into and around the body from the comfort of a specially created emsella chair.

The electromagnetic waves are designed to stimulate your pelvic muscles, strengthening them so that after a series of sessions, these muscles are strong enough to grant you better control over this specific area of your body.

Here are some of the reasons why more women across Essex are turning to emsella treatments to manage their incontinence and uncontrollable bladder issues.

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The benefits of EMSELLA treatment

The benefits of EMSELLA treatment are shown in the results, as the treatment is proven to be 96% effective in strengthening the pelvic floor and thus giving the individual control back over their pelvic muscles and bladder.

In addition, the treatment sessions are non-invasive and so require no specific recovery time, not to mention there are no side effects or discomfort to be aware of.

What is an EMSELLA chair and how does it work?

The Emsella chair is a comfortable structure designed by BTL Aesthetics, you sit fully clothed while the electromagnetic pulses travel through the body and stimulate muscle activity.

In terms of what to expect as a patient, most clients report a tingling sensation around their pelvic area during the session, with the pelvic floor muscle contracting as it responds to the electro pulses.

Here at Bluebell Dentistry & Aesthetics, we recommend six sessions to be carried out two a week for a 3 week period and then one follow up session 6 weeks later. You will feel a 96% improvement from where you were at the start of the treatment.

How to optimise the results of EMSELLA treatment

While emsella treatment provides a way for women (and men) to take back control over their bladder, there are other small changes that you can make in your daily life which will help optimise the results. Some of the most popular recommendations and pieces of advice that we can share include cutting down on alcohol and caffeine which stimulate the bladder, resisting the urge to urinate as soon as you need to in order to train your bladder, and performing exercises that can help to keep up your pelvic muscle strength outside of your emsella sessions.

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If you find that incontinence and the fear of urinating when you don’t mean to are getting in the way of your social life and hobbies, then emsella treatment is here to help.

No more crossing your legs when you sneeze, this treatment makes a real difference to both men and women when it comes to everyday life.

Get in touch with our team in Essex to learn more about the costs associated with this treatment and the packages we offer.

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