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Different types of fillings are available, depending on patient’s individual needs, as follows:


An amalgam filling, also known as a silver filling, is typically made up of a mixture of mercury and a metal powder. Amalgam fillings are usually used for teeth at the back as they are strong and can withhold the forces of chewing. Amalgam fillings also tend to last longer than composite (white) fillings – so are most often recommended for teeth at the back of the mouth. Their largest disadvantage are their silver appearance, which can blacken over time.


Composite (white) fillings are plastic fillings which come in a variety of natural tooth shades, so a matching shade can be chosen. Due to their natural shades, they are usually chosen for fillings towards the front of the mouth.

White Fillings

White fillings allow us to restore decayed or broken parts of the teeth to a natural looking finish, with the use of a coloured plastic mixture which is blended to create a colour almost identical to the natural tooth. It is also used to reshape disfigured teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

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