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With so many food allergies, lifestyle choices, and dietary preferences now a normal part of daily life, it can be difficult to make sure that you are always getting the vitamins and nutrients you need. B12 isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ vitamin – it is crucial for ensuring the correct function of blood cells, nerves, and the brain.

Give Your Body a New Lease of Life

Our Vitamin B12 injection service in Essex is here to make optimum health easier to achieve than ever before – with a 100% safe and effective treatment solution.

When your body suffers from a B12 deficiency, you will notice that fatigue becomes a normal part of your life. On top of overwhelming tiredness, some other symptoms of the deficiency includes memory loss, weight loss, weakness, depression, decreased brain function, and tremors in your muscles. This is because the deficiency is interlinked with cognitive decline – essentially indicating that when your body becomes deficient and lacking in vitamin B12, it can lead to shrinkage of your brain and a decline in brain function.

The solution? A quick and safe vitamin B12 injection from our clinic in Essex.

What do our Vitamin B12 injections in Essex involve?

With a treatment time of around 15-20 minutes, optimising your health with a Vitamin B12 shot is as quick and easy as receiving any other injection – with no recovery time required before getting back to your daily activity.

Following a consultation with a member of the Bluebell Dentistry & Aesthetics team, we will administer the shot – giving your body instant access to all the vitamins and goodness that it needs for optimum function.

Getting a B12 injection is an enhanced version of taking a multivitamin, with scientists and clients alike heralding the injectable treatment for its higher rate of absorption than a simple vitamin tablet.

Clients should expect the usual side effects that come with an injection, which may include a slight ache in the arm for a few hours after the treatment, and the potential of minor bleeding.

Treatment Summary: Who Needs B12 and Why?

We recommend our vitamin B12 injections in Essex to clients whose natural diet lacks a natural intake of the vitamin. B12 is often found in animal produce and so those who live with a vegan diet may particularly find themselves at risk of the vitamin deficiency. Other cases where chances of B12 deficiency are high include those living with Crohn’s disease and those with Celiac disease.

If you are concerned about your vitamin levels or recognise some of the core symptoms of deficiency, we recommend speaking to a GP or booking a session with one of our clinicians to administer an injection.

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Vitamin B12 treatment

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