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The use of fluoride in the UK

In the UK, the Department of Health and The British Dental Association (BDA) recommend that fluoride should be added to tap water because of its proven oral health benefits, particularly in promoting the development of healthy teeth in children, and significantly reducing the incidence of tooth decay.

Fluoride treatments

The dentist can apply topical fluorides during dental visits. These gels are more concentrated than the self-applied fluorides, so they are not needed as frequently. Some adults can benefit from these applications. Fluoride gels can help to reduce root decay, particularly in people with dry mouth. Children can also be given mouth washes, drops and tablets, but you should ask for the advice of your dentist before using these treatments.

If you are prone to dental decay, the dentist may advise the use of fluoride supplements in addition to fluoride toothpaste for extra protection. However, it is very important that fluoride supplements are only taken on the advice and instruction of your dentist.

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