Why are Same Day Dental Implants so Popular?

Dental implants are recognised throughout the dental industry as a long-lasting and effective means of replacing a missing tooth or teeth and are popular with dental clinicians and patients alike due to their durable construction and high-quality results.

As a long-lasting replacement for missing teeth, dental implants are constructed from a couple of individual elements – namely a titanium fixture which is fixed into the jawbone underneath the gum, and the replacement tooth itself which is then fit securely into place.

But for those who already know about dental implants, there’s one overwhelming challenge – and that’s the time it takes for the fixture installation to heal and the replacement tooth to be fitted. So, same day dental implants were brought to the market, with this blog designed to highlight the benefits of these same day implants and why they are so popular.

What are same day dental implants?

The main thing that patients need to understand about same day dental implants is that nothing changes as far as the treatment itself is concerned – there is simply a temporary tooth which is fitted atop the fixture on the day of surgery so that you leave the clinic on surgery day with a replacement tooth in place (albeit temporarily).

As the installation of the fixture takes around three to six months to heal fully, the thorough end-to-end dental implant treatment is long-winded – and without the temporary fixing, leaves patients with an exposed fixture in place of a tooth. The same day solution ensures that the fixture is hidden while it heals properly and allows the user to get used to having a replacement tooth in place.

The benefits of same day dental implants

Patients who come to us for dental implant surgery are motivated by a plethora of different concerns – from problems eating and communicating to a lack of confidence resulting from their missing teeth or tooth. A dental implant is an effective way of not only bridging the gap in their teeth but doing so in a way that hides the problems – blending the replacement tooth in with the rest of their teeth seamlessly.

Same day dental implants allow patients to access the benefits of dental implants on the same day as their surgery – giving them real and tangible results even while the implant itself is given time to heal. It makes recovery time much more efficient and easier to manage and even helps to protect the site of surgery by ensuring that no food and other items can get lodged in the way of the implant site.

Is same day dental implant surgery right for you?

The streamlined nature of the same day surgical intervention makes this the standout option for many patients, especially those who are nervous about dental procedures or want to access the benefits from an aesthetic and functional perspective as early as possible.

To find out more about same day dental implants, specifically eligibility and whether you could benefit from the treatment, get in touch with your local dental and orthodontic practice.


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