Charity Events


Redbridge New Year’s Day Parade Prize 2019

Dr Suki and her daughter with Redbridge Mayor representing the council came 3rd out 71 council New Year Parade event and won £8,000 for the charity.


Amara Charity Events

The Cause:

Amara’s Charity is aiming to raise £3000 to provide beds and toilets to abandoned elderly people and repair washing and toilet facilities in a children’s blind school in South India.

My Objective:

My Name is Amara Shakthi. I am currently in year 12 and also work part time at Bluebell Dentistry and Aesthetics. I am going to India to carry out work experience in a hospital and during my stay I would like to dedicate my time to helping the vulnerable by providing much needed items such as beds and portable toilets. I want to help those in a less privileged position to myself. I am also receiving sponsorship from Bluebell Dentistry and Aesthetics

Elderly people and the disabled young within India are often abandoned as they are unwanted. They are rarely visited and I would like to help them by gathering donations from various sources. I want to spend time with both the children and the elderly by visiting them in between my work experience.

I am personally going to India to see how the money can be used and directly interact with the vulnerable. A key part of my project is that no money will go directly to administration, the donations will be used to buy items and photographic evidence will be taken.

Beneficiaries of our Donation:

The first location I will be spending time at is the Karunalayam Home for the aged, destitute and infirm. The home is situated within the outskirts of Kerala, India and provides care for the aged, poor, destitute, infirm and abandoned women. Residents come from the streets, hospitals and homes, some are bedridden, homeless, sick or disabled. The home supports them in their final days, while raising awareness of the need to look after elders. The home relies purely on donations without any government help. My aim is to purchase 5 wheelchairs with commode and 5 specialist beds with mattress.

The second location is the Greenfield School for Blind Children, which is situated in Timmapuram on the outskirts of Kakinada, India where I will have interactive sessions with the children and spend time teaching them English using a braille alphabet. I will also distribute sweets, fruits and clothes for the blind children. My aim is to purchase clothing for the children and provide funds to repair their washing and toilet facilities. Please donate to my JustGiving Crowdfunding Page and help make it happen:

Thank you all for your kind donations towards Amara’s charity . Amara raised over £3,600 which was used to purchase disability beds and disability commodes for abandoned women’s home and also we renovated toilets and windows for a blind school in south India. The reminder of the money was used for provision of food for old people’s home.